Chinese Association of Science and Technology USA Great New York Chapter

The Chinese Association for Science and Technology, U.S.A. (CAST-USA) is a non-profit professional organization founded in August 1992 in New York City. It is one of the most-recognized organizations among Chinese professionals in the United States. Its missions are:

  • Providing networking opportunities and development resources for its members to improve their professional and personal advancement;
  • Serving as a bridge between the United States and China for the mutual cooperation in science and technology, economy, business, education, culture and other areas;
  • Promoting traditional Chinese culture and connect local Chinese community to the general public in the US.


CAST-USA is a cross-regional, cross-industry professional organization. The majority of CAST-USA members are Chinese-American professionals holding advanced degrees in science and technology, education, business, law, medicine, art and other fields of endeavor. CAST-USA is growing at a rapid pace with many thousands of members in more than 30 states across the United States, working in universities, industries, government agencies and other sectors, many in the world's top 500 multinational corporations, or prestigious universities or research institutions. Currently CAST-USA consists of 13 formal regional chapters and four in-progress regional chapters in the United States and 8 liaison offices in China.

CAST-USA hosts many types activities all year long such as conferences, forums, seminars, career fairs, social gatherings, arts and performance events and so on. It also regularly publishes the “Overseas Scholars” magazine and newsletter, which includes a presentation of academic activities, the latest news of the science, technology, and business sectors, job and investment opportunities, and immediate concerns from many members.

CAST-USA in Greater New York (CAST-GNY) is the founding and biggest chapter of CAST-USA. The current President of CAST-USA, Dr. Zhixiong Chen, as well as many past presidents of CAST-USA including Dr. Huakang Zhou, Dr. Qiu Zhang, Dr. Zhenchun Xu, Dr. Chongqing Lu, Dr. Mengchu Zhou, Dr. Qiyuan Ma, Dr. Jiaye Xie, Dr. Hong Shi, Dr. Tong Fang are all from Greater New York area.

The current President of CAST-GNY is Mr. Fred Yan, past presidents of CAST-GNY include Dr. Jiaye Xie, Dr. Kuang Zhang, Mr. Alec Tsuo, Dr. Zhixiong Chen, Dr. Tong Fang, Dr. LiangJie Zhang and Dr. Jizhong Xiao and Dr. Charles Shen.